K27 Engine Controller

Intelligent Diesel Engine Asset Management System

  • Engine Autostart and Stop on multiple triggers via float switches, Pressure, Flow Switch, SAT/GSM modems, PLCs and RTU's.
  • Bi-directional remote telemetry connection to a PLC and SCADA networks and to a website via Satellite or GSM modem.
  • Bright graphical display showing all engine/equipment data and warning/faults.
  • Complete asset protection on all sensors with built in 'Failsafe' protection. Includes low radiator coolant level detection.
  • Connects to various analogue sensors, ie: 4-20mA pressure or flow sensors, including resistive sensors.
  • Multiple sensor readout, with built in separate adjustable bypass timers and slush timers.
  • Robust IP66 control module in a powder coated enclosure with tempered see through glass. Will not yellow in exposed sunlight.
  • Automatic engine speed control to fixed speed, via CANBUS J1939 or MODBUS. (Optional extra, Pulse Width Modulation via electronic actuator on mechanical engine also available). Can also be controlled remotely
  • Save on fuel, running and maintenance costs. Fuel Level monitoring.
  • Built in warmup and cooldown timers.
  • Programmable 100hour run timer.
  • One panel to suit mechanical engines or electronic CANBUS J1939 engines.
  • Tier 4 emissions ready.
  • In built data logging on all equipment faults.
  • Engine Running output.
  • Easy to set up and program. Will permit future software upgrades via a computer.
a picture of the k27 Control Unit

K27 Controller Features

  • Auto start on
    2 floats.
  • Run to fixed speed with PWM.
  • Pump pressure protection input.
  • Pump flow protection input.
  • Low oil gauge & shutdown.
  • Loss of prime protection input.
  • RPM Reading overspeed shutdown.
  • High coolant temp gauge & shutdown.
  • fuel level reading and protection.
  • 9.36VDC
  • 100 hour run
  • J1939 CANBUS
  • MODBUS / Telemetry
  • Engine hours
    run count.
  • Configurable Digital
  • Fault history
  • Battery voltage monitor/display.
  • IP66 Control module UV stable.
  • Low Radiator level shutdown.
An image of a k27 contol panel

Works With A Wide Range Of Diesel Engines.

Automatic engine speed control is offered on all engines, whether electronic or mechanical. This feature can adjust the engine speed to a set speed point or vary the engine speed with respect to an external 4-20mA sensor. All automatic throttling options come with adjustable engine warm up, cool down and line fill timers. This controller is suitable for use on the following engine brands: Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU, Detroit, Perkins, Deutz, Hatz, Scania, Kubota, Yanmar, JCB, Lister and various engines from Asia. Note, For engine speed control on mechanical engines, an electronic throttle actuator must be purchased separately.

Telemetry Connection Via (Satellite/GSM/GPS).

The controller's telemetry capabilities make certain you will always be connected to your asset via a smart phone, tablet or computer. You have the option of sending data to a 3G network or the option of a go-anywhere satellite network. Just choose the right modem/data package to suit your budget. PLC, RTU or SCADA users can also connect to the K27. The control panel has inbuilt data logging capabilities and captures all shutdown messages.

Multiple Engine Start/Stop Methods

Featuring both manual and automatic start modes, the K27 offers great flexibility of use at the touch of a button. In automatic mode, the K27 is able to start and stop your engine based on a number of triggers such as: single float switches, low pressure switch, telemetry/PLC module, pressure transducer and mains failure contactor. The option is yours.

Software Features

  • Engine Hours display (Hour Meter)
  • Engine RPM display and Overspeed protectionr
  • Accepts tachometer RPM signal from:(adjustable)
  • Alternator W+
  • J1939 CANBUS ECU
  • Magnetic Pick Up over a Fly Wheel
  • Automatic Engine Speed control from:
  • Go To Fixed RPM set point (CAN J1939 only)
  • MODBUS throttle commands
  • Automatic Start / Stop on:
  • Engine Oil Pressure display and Engine shut down
  • Low Radiator Coolant level Shutdown
  • Data logs equipment fault Messages
  • Displays all equipment fault messages (J1939 included)
  • MODBUS (RS232/485) Communication
  • Fuel level reading / shutdown (sensor required)
  • Battery Voltage VDC display
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Loss of RPM Engine Shut Down
  • Loss of Prime digital Input ( sensor required )
  • 99 hour programmable Stop Timer
  • Pump Flow rate control, protection and reading (sensor required)
  • Engine Temperature display and Engine shut down
  • Pump Pressure control, protection and reading (sensor required)
  • Programmable digital inputs
  • Programmable pump / bearing temperature sensor (sensor required)
  • Engine Running Output
  • Glow Plug Excitation (requires high Current Relay)
  • Can Start/Stop and control engine speed via Website
  • Single Float Switches
  • Single Pressure Switch
  • Discharge Pressure Sensor

K27 LCD Screen Display

The K27 display unit LCD screen is easy to read with large icons and characters. The LCD screen can be viewed in direct sunlight.

A picture of the k17 display screen

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